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No-Nonsense T-shirts

The T-shirt Gallery

The Amar Jawaan T-shirt - A Tribute
Angel-investor: Naren Venugopal
Rs. 751, Sold: 3 of 501
The Me Feeds On Fast Breaks T-shirt
Angel-investor: None Yet!
Rs. 751, Sold: 102 of 501
The Har Har Mahadev, Har Ek Mahadev T-shirt
Rs. 801, Sold: of 501
The I Just Felt Like Running Forrest Gump T-shirt
Angel-investor: None Yet!
Rs. 751, Sold: 121 of 501
The I Love My Mummy T-shirt
Rs. 501, Sold: of 501
The Mera Superhero RD BurMAN T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The Mirza Ghalib T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The Jadugar T-shirt Celebrating Major Dhyanchand
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The City Cyclist No Limits T-shirt
Angel-investor: Looking!
Rs. 751, Sold: 111 of 501
The 22 Yards T-shirt for Cricket Romantics
Angel-investor: None Yet!
Rs. 751, Sold: 89 of 501
The Surya Namaskara T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The Om n I T-shirt
Angel-investor: None Yet!
Rs. 751, Sold: 76 of 501
The Sport is Life In Motion T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The Shiva - My Realization T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The Tennis for Peace Love All T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The Swami Vivekananda T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The A to Z of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander T-shirt
Angel-investor: Still Looking!
Rs. 751, Sold: 14 of 501
The Invincibles T-shirt For The Gunners
Angel-investor: You Interesed?
Rs. 751, Sold: 33 of 501
The A to Z of Football T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501
The Keep Calm And Pass It To Pirlo T-shirt
Rs. 751, Sold: of 501

Customer Words ...

'The t-shirt is awesome, very different from the regular stuff we get in the market. In fact the whole collection is great . I have already spread the word at my workplace. Keep doing the great work.'
Anamika (Mumbai)
'Awesome tee! Great way to flaunt your passion, good choice of colors and font. I specially loved the stuff written in the front!!'
Shantanu (Bangalore)
'The design is great. The material (dry-fit) is even better. The service counldn't get any better. Thanks an best wishes for a bright future with your venture. With quality and service like this, you would go far I am sure. :-)'
Varun (New Delhi)
'Love them. They are best tees I have had in a while. There is an exhibition in SF where King Tut is being shown - I plan to wear my "I LOVE MY MUMMY" tees there. :-)'
Amit (San Francisco)
'I really liked the Football Geek tee. I am very choosy abt the slogans written on my t-shirts but this one is one of the best I will have!!! :)'
Ashish (Bangalore)
'The t-shirt I got from Toube Bas is already the talk of the circle :)'
Kalpana (Pune)
'Your tee designs are awesome. Innovative, fun and special. I must say that Toube Bas is providing fast delivery and excellent P&P.'
Gaurav (Jaipur)
'Your designs are witty - I loved flaunting the "I Love My Mummy" tee on the mother's day! :) Thanks a ton!'
Om (Chennai)
'The t-shirt I got from Toube bas fits me perfect and looks really gud. The prints have come out really well. Great work!'
Soumen (Gurgaon)
'I got the A-Z Football Geek t-shirt for a soccer crazy friend. He immensely liked the t-shirt and was very happy :) I really thank you for this wonderful gift for my friend. I really appreciate :)'
Aritra (Bangalore)
'My family is a proud owner of 5 Toube Bas t-shirts - right from my 36 year old brother to my 18 month old nephew! Absolutely love them and wear it as often as we can. Love the 100% cotton fabric and the comfort too. Good luck =)'
Prerna (Mumbai)
'Simply, this is the best designed t-shirt I have ever had. Like it was made exclusively for me. :-) Thanks.'
Mudit (Delhi)
'My friends (whom I gifted 2 A-Z The Football Geek tees) were so happy to have them!! You are doing a geat job. Wish you good luck!'
Snehal (Pune)
'I am delighted to receive the product from Toube Bas. The designs are eye catching and eclectic and the t-shirts are comfortable and value for money! Plus the service is personalized and top of the line. Looking forward to buy more stuff from you. Best of luck.'
Partha (Bangalore)
'The tee is worth the money spent :)'
Achin (Bangalore)
'These tees are a pure delight - the reaction that I see on my friends faces when they see it for the 1st time is a delight to watch!'
Shashank (Bangalore)
'I just received the t-shirts here in Australia and they're fabulous! Out of all the t-shirts I've ever owned the tennis "Love-All" t-shirt is in the top 3 of all times!'
Udit (Queensland)
'Creative brilliance, original, fine quality, on time delivery, and above all touches your heart with nostalgic strokes. I am your regular buyer for sure. Keep up the good work!!!'
Saurabh (Delhi)
'I have not used the t-shirt, but I must say- geat work!! The designs, stories associated with those and website too shows the passion!'
Kalpana ( Pune)
'We wore the tees, made a beautiful video and mailed it across to my Mom. She was overjoyed!! Folks at Toube Bas, keep up the good work!'
Prateek (Bangalore)
'Definitely the Ts made our mom feel on top of the world ! So thanks for such a funky T, this is my all time favorite purchase!'
Nitin (Chandigarh)
'Hey! Great designs, prompt service, awesome packaging! Will buy more soon :-)'
Varun (New Delhi)
'The t-shirt designs are awesome and so is the quaility . A very rare combo. Also I have washed the t-shirt multiple times and am completey satisfied :)'
Sonika (Bangalore)
'Randomly came across this website; and I was completely awestruck. Awesome stuff here!! Thank you for bringing the tee culture to India in the 'true' sense.'
Anagha (Pune)
'Amazing world of tee's with full of mindbogglng ideas!'
Megha (Delhi)
'The two people i gifted the tees were impressed with the design and the fabric is also very comfortable!!'
Sayantika (Bangalore)
'Thanks a ton for timely delivery and excellent quality tees. Gifted to a friend and she loved it completely!'
Gaurav (Hyderabad)

Invest With Me!

I like making t-shirts, and I am a big fan of my friends. How about if we mix the two?

Off late, I have been 'partnering' with my friends in designing, producing, and selling the first 50 t-shirts on a subject of their choice, or on a t-shirt they like which is already here and want to be a part of! I can already sense that it's exciting, and you just have to tell me if you want to do it too. Do read further!

1) You will be required to invest Rs. 100 apiece in making 50 t-shirts of a topic or design that you are keen on (old, or, we can make something new) making it Rs. 5000/- in all. You will end up earning Rs. 300/ apiece, making it 15000/- ... after the sale of the first 50 t-shirts. Great or wwwwhat! You better get your Swiss Bank accounts done :)

2) After the sale of these first 50 t-shirts through which you will make profits as well, we can extend the partnership into the next round of 50 t-shirts, and so on. You just have to be patient - it's easy to sell t-shirts because EVERYBODY loves them, but it takes its own time.

3) Just so we don't have a brawl, you'll will have a larger say on the subject and color of the t-shirt, and I'll have a larger say on the final design. This division of decision making ... it's healthy.

4) Your 15,000/- will be transferred to you after the sale of the 50 t-shirts. I told you .. get that Siwss Bank account already!

6) We both will flex our muscles in spreading the word about the t-shirt, and drive the sales. I'm sure the eleven of us will do a much better job than one.

Just on thing though. Please don't do it with the sole intent to make money (though you will make money). Let's do it because you also think it will be fun to do some t-shirt-giri with me, and because Rs. 5000/- is hardly an amount that will dent your resources! For me, the benefit is two-fold: I get to do something with my friends in a non-permanent way, and I can save myself from investing too much into Toubé Bäs which I don't intend to run as a business anyway.

I threw this idea in the face of Naren Venugopal (my room mate in Bombay), and he wasted 3 seconds in nodding his head and committing towards the "Amar Jawaan" t-shirt. He loves the military (his dad is an army-man), and he was sure he could get quite a few of them sold within his army community.

Then, Kalpana, my omni-present co-saadhak at all the meditation camps I've been to, agreed to invest her sum of 5000/- in the upcoming, "Nothing Is Possible" t-shirt. It's a beautiful story, actually. Her mother got inspired - at the age of 60! - to try her hands (literally) at painting, and before they knew it, she was organizing exhibitions of her creatives all around Thane/Jalgaon! In some blissful moment of hers, she painted a beautiful painting of Buddha, and when I saw it, I exclaimed that this has to come on a t-shirt! I'll be doing that t-shirt next, in March 2017.

Then, my jeejaji, Sandeep Maheshwari, who is a big, huge, humongous fan of chai, committed Rs. 5000 for a t-shirt that is about chai! The fact that he is a king of sick-jokes means that in one of his own moments of enlightenment, he came up with an excellently witty idea for the t-shirt as well. I might do that sometime in the next 3-4 months!

So, the very moment you feel like it's a harmless-and-feel-good idea .. this micro-investing .. tell me without batting an eyelid. We'll do something crazy together, and you'll be helping me in the process as well! For you, it will be a potential second source of income, and a dig at doing some business-work without risking anything at all.

501 T-shirts Only

Toubé Bäs t-shirts will be exclusive, and limited edition. No design will sell more than 501 t-shirts in all of eternity.

I don't like running into someone wearing the same t-shirt, or even having seen the same t-shirt on someone else, which I have been so proudly wearing and showing off. Even more so when it speaks about something I cherish, and is a design which is almost no-where else to be seen.

That's just the way I am. You?

Theme : No-Nonsense

The t-shirts here follow a theme, which I like to call, "No-Nonsense". All designs here either reflect upon a passion or a cause - so you will either instantly relate with a design, or not relate with it in eternity.

That's why every t-shirt here will do this to you: you'll either see yourself totally buying it; or you will just be indifferent to it and will never go for it (unless you're buying it for someone else). There's no mid-way, no confusion.

I don't make serious t-shirts here - seriousness is perversion - but I do make t-shirts that have some gravity, that have an essence that lingers on. It can be funny, witty, sarcastic, emotional or whatever ... but it has to be a conversation starter for you, bring you healthy attention wherever you go, tells the world something important about you.

That's why I have always felt and said it (pretty poetically):

"T-shirts don't hide. They reveal!"


Whether for hugs or for hello's, call me at 8080767224, or write to me at sorabh @ toubebas . com, or blah blah in the blah-blah box below:

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